Dawn's Mist

I had the honor of being contracted to create an engagement ring for a very sweet couple. In order to make it a bit more affordable for them (downright cheap) they chose to allow me to market the item. So I finally got around to getting the photos together for it.

Dawn's Mist is a twisted silver band with a large center cut round diamond in a nice light blue with two smaller reddish pink diamonds on either side.  Trailing away from the diamonds are some small silver drops giving this piece a very soft elegant look.


A new shiny!!

I had a busy weekend and made 3 new Spell Fire wands, one for sale and the other two are for upcoming hunts later in the month which I will post about once I get photos of them.

I'm rather proud of this wand, not just because it looks fantastic but because it marks another learning point in my career as a builder. Overall the wand is a bit more primmy than I'd like because of the leather thong at the base but it came out rather well. I am starting to play with my own texture creations so expect to see similar wands coming out over the next few weeks.

All my Spell Fire wands (except the ones for hunts which are mostly no permissions) are Transfer only. They include custom particle effects and work on the Spell Fire I system. As soon as a developer pack for Spell Fire 2 Comes out this one will be one of the first to be upgraded.

The particle effects for this wand are a golden glow and some gold and green sparklies (not shown). There are animations as well for drawing the wand from it's case, sheathing it and firing and sounds for each as well.

Vintage Earrings

Skin: LAQ - Phoebe                      Hair: Calico
Another classic creation are these tiered earrings I just made last week. Just in case you think you've seen these before: I got the idea from a still photo I saw on a UK site about an episode of Big Brother.

There are two styles of earrings in this pack but you can buy them separate at my main store.

Both styles use the same exact scripts so all the different metals and stones are the same, even so there are a TON of choices in these earrings.

Metal choices include: Silver, gold, platinum, copper and bronze. (The bronze is kinda a greenish hue).

I don't remember all the stones I used but I know there is: Jade, Onyx, Pearl, Aqua and Bloodstone plus some others.

The stones are laid out in different groups so you can play with the color as well as the pattern a little so you can get an almost endless variety out of these.

Old Favorites: Charmed & Loki

While they weren't the first ears I ever made, these are the first two made with the constant set of skintones that I use made with colors similar to those used by LAQ so they match my preferred line of skins rather well.

Charmed is probably my personal favorite so far. I love the little globe hanging from the tips of the ears and the scroll work lends that extra magical touch.

There are 9 metal choices and 7 gemstones to choose from to give you a little flexibility and allowing you to match your ears to your outfit without having to buy a bunch of different ones.

The skintones are two tones using with realistic shadow textures built into them. The skintones are as shown and I will custom match to a skin but at the point I do not use a color hud for a couple reasons - first I have no idea how to script on my own (if you want to teach me or talk to me about writing a couple scripts to specification let me know and I'll be happy to get with you, but for now, I don't write my own.) Second - the shadow textures are not in black, it looks allot more realistic using the natural tones from the skin so the skintones I use are individual textures, not just colors that you're cycling thru.

 Loki was made about the same time, and has been updated once or twice along the way.

The ears have a spiked metal ridge on the top capped with a line of semi-precious stones then a cluster of diamonds where the top of the ear attaches.

The right and left have different piercings, both sides have a soft feminine dangly hooped earring with a diamond at the lobe. One ear has another cluster of hanging drops farther out the ear and is finished by a ring with tiny inset diamonds.

The other ear is a bit simpler with 4 classic metallic studs trailing up the ear to a different ring around the tip.

There are allot of choices to this one giving the user a really dynamic set of ears with an almost endless variety of different looks that you can get out of them.

Timeless and Classic

These two enchanting necklaces from Southpaw are a walk back in time.  You pair them with jeans for a fun, classy look or dress up your favorite gown for a night out. You just can't go wrong with the classic pearl necklace, face it, pearls go with everything.

The simple lines and elegance of this necklace set speaks for itself. The pearls gracefully flow over your shoulder, comming to rest (and drawing the eye) just above your cleavage zone.

This is a two part necklace, you can wear one or the other or both parts using the chest and spine attachment points. Both neckaces are double strands.

The longer necklace of the two in the set has a fine sterling clasp at the back and the pearls on both are textured, not just a pure white. (but the photos are small so it doesn't show well). There is also a mild shine to them giving them that extra touch of realism.

Making the classic a little more modern - this second pearl necklace is a three strand choker with a customizable photograph pendant.

This necklace is Mod/Copy so you can change out the picture with one of your own to make this necklace truly one of a kind, and perhaps show that special someone how much you treasure them.

The finishing touches on this necklace are sterling silver chains running to the clasps then another small chain running from the clasp to two teardrop pearls dangling down to brush at the back of your neck. It gives that extra sexy look, especially when your hair is up.

The shine and texure of the pearls shows up alot better in this one.