Gearing up for the next Seelie Court Event - This new release is going to be a gatcha round! Here's a sneak peek at the Rare Color Hud for the Glowpetals, The regular prizes will just have a skin hud and the Rare Colors Huds will give you all the colors and allow you to mix and match. 

This is also why I will never make a living as a real artist. Yes. I drew that. It's supposed to be a flower. Don't mock me.


The Merry Rose Bow

Mesh with full animations, and a bit of detail. I'm using the Angels & Demons system which is compatible with most of the combat systems on the grid, Gorean Meter, SF, CCS / DCS etc.

Here's a peek of it in action.

Glowbulbs Preview

Antennae in the works for Seelie Court
Going to be making a few different antennae and trying out the voucher system for gatchas so you can get mod/copy versions which will let me use updaters on the huds. Because updates are good, but not on transfer stuffs.


Similar to my old Loki ears but BIGGER & redone in original mesh on the new hud - includes 4 skin bases & metal & gold + skin color etc.


Twisted Time Warp 2014

Firestrike Wand - Damage with Custom Particle Cube Effects; Shoots flaming twisted cubes. Works with Omega & Spellfire Systems.

Cubes in the handles spin & cycle thru all the cube variations.


Oh what fun..

Ok so I'm having major graphics glitches on the laptop so I'm doing a clean install tonight. *crosses fingers*


The wild magic has been spotted

A Postcard From Myrth:  The wild magic has been spotted in Second Life again and a portal to another realm has been opened, bits
of faerieland seem to have reappeared...


Hud Enabled Mesh Horns, the brow horns are a separate piece and can be worn with or without the big ones.  Both metals and gemstones change.
 Hunt prize for the Dark Fantasy Hunt