Mer-Elf Creations - Wish - Postprocessed

I never thought I would see the day! So I'm looking thru photos on flikr this morning and what do I come across?

Wondefully done and the best part? I made those ears!


Happy Halloween from Southpaw and Jaded Designs

This halloween Southpaw has joined together with Jaded Designs to bring you this cute outfit.

The clothing was made by Jad5e Rembrandt, a good friend of mine and the ears and accessories are from my stock.

Vintage Starlett

Vintage Starlett
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This is one of my favorite avatars who has been brought up to date with new skin and hair.

Dress - Icing
Shoes - J's
Necklace - Southpaw
Hair - Truth
Skin - Mynerva
Eyes - The Plastik
Nails - Candy

Ana - Elf Ears

I redid the photos for Ana a few days ago.

Ana - Changeable Elf Ears

they have also been updated to 1.2 - You now have options for full bright and glow settings on the jewelry.