Arrrgh, Seriously?

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 11:05am
There is an increasing amount of vandalism at my office building. The week my grandmother died I caught a kid jumping on the back spokes of a bike that he and his friends had stolen when I was outside smoking. A cop was less than10 yards from me and while he didn't see the kid, he saw me reacting to what I had just witnessed and went after him.

The kid got collared for pot possession and damage to the bike. A few months before that some twit put gum in the lock of my drivers side door when it was parked farther out in the parking lot. I'm almost betting it's the same group of kids.

A couple weeks ago it was barbeque sauce thrown against the side of the building, and a week or two after that the back door to the building was busted out.

Last night it looks like someone stole one of the larger pumpkins from Memorial Methodist and smashed it against the building.

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