The Captured Fae Particle Necklace

Hair: Rose - Truth
Skin: LAQ - Lacie
Dress: League
Southpaw Presents: The Captured Fae Particle Necklace -  Custom Effects Necklace

The original Captured Fae necklace consists of black velvet thong containing an elegant cage pendant which houses a small glowing sprite and two teardrop pendants hang from a slender chain attached to the clasp in the back.

You can turn the effects on and off which include the sprite's glow and small pink sparkles surrounding the cage.  Touch the gilt cage and a trio of fireflies appear and hover around you.

The Fireflies turn off on their own after a few minutes, simply click the pendant again for them to stop sooner or re-appear. 
Hair: Truth - Roxanne
Skin: LAQ - Phoebe

However for that special person you might consider the Limited Edition Version  - the same great pendant is now threaded on a delicate sterling silver chain. Only 300 of these necklaces will be released in world, after the supply is exhaused the silver version will be retired.

The Limited Edition version also includes matching earrings.

Both versions are Transfer only so they would make a great gift idea too!

The custom effects don't photograph very well so stop by my shop in-world so see a demo version.

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