Upcomming Hunts!

Southpaw will be a particpating vendor in several hunts in the upcomming months so keep an eye out as my masochistic tendancies may have my signing up for more.

current hunt: Nature's Hunt Summer Fantasy  - the hunt item is a delicately crafted intricate armband for the guys and a slender silver bracelet with tiny locks for the girls. Both Items are Mod/Copy/No transfer since they are rather primmy and I didn't want to load them down with a ton of scripts.
  • this is still going on till 9/15/10
  • clue: cotton candy is my favorite flavor)

Sept 1st will be the start of the September Rain Hunt by Sour Pickles -

I'm looking forward to this one and put in a bit of work on both the hunt item as well as where I hid it.  The hunt item for September Rain is a spell fire healing staff I designed just for this hunt - it is a rather fetching unisex wand with a crescent moon. The wand is crafted with entirely custom particle effects that are in a water theme. At full power the staff bubbles with power, after draining a little of the magic it begins to shower. When running low on power it shows a fast drip and at no power the staff lets up little puffs of steam.

I have also entered the Addicted to Halloween Hunt and The Unknown Hunt Halloween - both of these will be Halloween Themed. I will upload pictures for the Halloween Hunts when it gets closer to the start date.

November will bring the full on start of the holidays and I have signed up for The Dirty Turkey Hunt as well.

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