A new shiny!!

I had a busy weekend and made 3 new Spell Fire wands, one for sale and the other two are for upcoming hunts later in the month which I will post about once I get photos of them.

I'm rather proud of this wand, not just because it looks fantastic but because it marks another learning point in my career as a builder. Overall the wand is a bit more primmy than I'd like because of the leather thong at the base but it came out rather well. I am starting to play with my own texture creations so expect to see similar wands coming out over the next few weeks.

All my Spell Fire wands (except the ones for hunts which are mostly no permissions) are Transfer only. They include custom particle effects and work on the Spell Fire I system. As soon as a developer pack for Spell Fire 2 Comes out this one will be one of the first to be upgraded.

The particle effects for this wand are a golden glow and some gold and green sparklies (not shown). There are animations as well for drawing the wand from it's case, sheathing it and firing and sounds for each as well.

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