Vintage Earrings

Skin: LAQ - Phoebe                      Hair: Calico
Another classic creation are these tiered earrings I just made last week. Just in case you think you've seen these before: I got the idea from a still photo I saw on a UK site about an episode of Big Brother.

There are two styles of earrings in this pack but you can buy them separate at my main store.

Both styles use the same exact scripts so all the different metals and stones are the same, even so there are a TON of choices in these earrings.

Metal choices include: Silver, gold, platinum, copper and bronze. (The bronze is kinda a greenish hue).

I don't remember all the stones I used but I know there is: Jade, Onyx, Pearl, Aqua and Bloodstone plus some others.

The stones are laid out in different groups so you can play with the color as well as the pattern a little so you can get an almost endless variety out of these.

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